Tuesday, July 19, 2011

VSA: Time of My Life

We went more in depth studying Islam in class today with the opportunity to read a document by Osama bin-Laden. It was a rather extreme script, making references to the “evils” of Americans and the need to attack them all-- civilians and military alike. These actions were supposedly justified by jihad, or holy war in the name of God. However, God in Islam strictly forbids violence and attacks against innocents. Therefore it was not jihad—rather, it was a war of terrorism.

It is often mistaken that jihad and terrorism are the same thing, which is why stereotypes against Muslims exist.

We also took our first exam today, which was an in-class essay about the Abrahamic faiths. Tomorrow, we will move on with these religions and begin our study of Hinduism.

Glee, my Arete class, was fun.

We are going to create a music video for the song Time of My Life, recording the track ourselves then compiling it into a short video.

Our group was divided into solos, duets, and trios. I am singing a duet with my friend Grace (we have about two lines) as well as the chorus with the entire group. We finished our layout for the storyline of the music video, and tomorrow, we will begin filming around campus. I cannot wait to see the finished result on Friday.

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