Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Going to Vanderbilt: Acceptance

Yessssssssss! Thank God, the Vandies have officially been accepted to the Vanderbilt Summer Academy. Now our adventure really begins.

Let us all prevail using hardwork, determination, fellowship, and the genuine love of learning. Let the run through of our near future commence. 

Look out Vanderbilt here we come!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

An Evening with "Real" Superheroes event

Had the most amazing weekend filled with things from getting to know friends to meeting my superintendent. Friday was by far the best day, I was a host of the event An evening with "real" superheroes ~ an event honoring 3 college presidents from Historically Black Colleges and hearing about their schools and how they were able to achieve their current greatness.

Dr. Henry Tisdale the first African American male to recieve a math Ph.D from Dartmouth and serves as the President of Claflin University.

Dr. George Wright, President of Prarie View A&M University, a noted professor at the University of Texas and the only President I know who will be teaching a Freshman course on history.

And last but not least Dr. Walter Kimbrough the youngest college President in the nation becoming so at 37 years old. He presides over Philander Smith College.

Having the oppurtunity to talk to these great men on a personal level and to hear them speak was a great opportunity. I'm glad students from all over the West Contra Costa Unified School District were able to enjoy such an event. I was also able to meet the Superintendent of the WCCUSD Dr. Bruce Harter. Overall the event was a huge motivater for me helping me realize my dreams are within reach especially when I see that I will be visiting Vanderbilt this summer and some of these HBCU's thanks to the ILC.