Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The ILC’s Maiden Voyage to Vanderbilt: Recovery

I'm Free! Today was great especially it being the first day without my sling. I was finally able to pick up my lunch trays without the annoying blue and white obstruction, I could open my own doors again, and I could sit down comfortably in my cramped college desk in class. Apparently I wasn’t the only one enjoying the change because during each of my 3 square meals there was at least one lunch attendant who noticed that my sling was off saying, ” Is your arm ok now baby, “followed by a, “I know your glad to have that thing off.” They couldn’t have been more correct. In retrospect my day wasn’t as eventful as most other days, yet I received a lesson from it.

I would summarize today’s events as a day of recovery, not only physically, but mentally too. Today in our World Religions class we finished the section on Islam and had an Essay Exam on the Abrahamic Faiths (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.) I began the first question essay without truly understanding the question which was, “In conversation with the canons explain compare and contrast the systems of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.” After getting about a half of a page down into my essay, I reread the prompt realizing I had totally missed the point of the essay. I didn’t panic; I simply recovered by restarting my essay writing with a new purpose. This theme of recovery has also helped socially allowing me to be more open without worrying about any extra issues like my arm. At the same time I know to be careful in order to prevent a painful reoccurrence, in which case my parents, chaperone, and VSA would probably bar me from anything requiring movement. Recovery allows one to slow down and take time to think before they act which leads to better decision making meaning better results.


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