Monday, July 18, 2011


The Islamic faith was the center of focus in class today.

I think it is amazing how the three Abrahamic religions all stemmed from one another-- many ideas and principles of each one can be linked to another. Despite the history and similarities that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam share, there are numerous distinctions between them which often leads to conflict and war, even within different sects of each faith.

Disciples of these faiths, however, all share one certain thing: their belief in God.

You may be thinking, “If they all want to worship the same God, why do all these separate religions exist?”

The explanation is extensive, but it all essentially boils down to the fact that people have different opinions, which leads to different views and standpoints. Christianity was born from Jesus Christ, who was Jewish, and his followers, who were also Jewish. Followers of Islam, called Muslims, view Jesus Christ as simply a prophet, not the son of God. They also believe that Islam “encompasses” the followers of the other two Abrahamic faiths-- since is often understood that Christians and Jews worship the same God that Muslims do, they consider those followers to be Muslims too.

Tonight was Proctor Night, and our proctor group decided to go out to eat Thai food for dinner and swing by a frozen yogurt shop for some dessert.

On our way back, we were bombarded by a thunderstorm. Luckily, most of us brought our umbrellas with us, and were able to share with those who didn’t (although some girls ran off in the rain to get back to the dorms faster).

I think umbrellas are a great invention, and hopefully, the skies will clear up by tomorrow so we can enjoy yet another sign out night and explore a bit of Nashville again.

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