Saturday, April 7, 2012

The East Coast Awaits

My Spring Break started off with an amazing weekend. The first amazing thing was the fact that I am blessed to be granted an entire week off from the hectic final quarter of school. After tests, projects, and essays galore in preparation for my many AP tests… the class work was then deemed “homework” for the week off. Despite the expected work for vacation, I am thankful for the time off from waking up at 5 AM.

Secondly, my Friday night ended with a wonderful school event: Junior Prom. My boyfriend and I had a fantastic time dancing the night away with friends, and finished the night off with a midnight milkshake, banana split, and fries at the local Mels Diner. Unhealthy food seems even tastier late in the night.

I am back to writing on my old blog because, thanks to the ILC, I am flying to the East Coast to visit Syracuse University in New York and Boston University in Massachusetts. These two colleges are tied at the top of my college list. I had been accepted to UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, University of Connecticut, Vanderbilt, Boston U, and Syracuse U. The latter three are the schools I am considering the most.

After dedicating hours to researching these schools, I learned that both Syracuse and Boston had similar aspects of a college atmosphere that I was looking for. However, research from a computer screen can only get you so far. I decided that the only way to make the right decision was to visit these colleges. I need to get a feel for the campus. I need to be able to feel comfortable in the setting that I will be calling my home for the next few years.

My friend Erin and I, and both of our mothers, will be flying into Syracuse. We will be visiting the college together, taking part in a tour held specifically for accepted students. After this college trip, we will be splitting up. She will head to Ithaca College, and my mother and I will be heading to Boston.

I am excited to embark on this trip. In a few days, I will finally choose what university I will be attending.

Look out for more posts, including information about the colleges, adventures around town, and more info about the East Coast.

I am prepared for the cold and rainy weather ahead of me. My hat collection will definitely be put in use.

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