Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We're Almost There

Today was the day that the Vanderbilt crew finally took off for their adventure to the South.

We met in front of the El Cerrito High School at 6 in the morning to pick up our loaner items from Don, which included laptop security cables and more. With a few parting words from Don himself and a group picture, we were ready to set off on our journey.

As we stood in front of the school awaiting a shuttle van to bring us to SFO, to our huge surprise, a gleaming white limousine pulled up. We stared in shock and let out squeals of excitement (well, at least I did), and climbed in. The inside was just as impressive as the outside—there were dozens of shiny glasses and bright neon lights that lit the automobile from the inside-out.
It was my first time riding in a limousine, and the experience made me realize what first-class really meant. We, at this moment, are being given an opportunity that some students could never even dream of having. This whole trip, from the college visitations to the actual summer courses, is truly a privilege, and that is why we are all here—to be the ambassadors of our community. Our experiences and our knowledge that we gain in this trip, which are to be recorded in our blog, serve as the eyes in which our peers and fellow students look through. It is our job, therefore, to learn as much as we can about these colleges in the South, and to gain as much knowledge as possible so that we may pass it on.
The plane ride to Chicago, Illinois was a rather uncomfortable one. I could not fall asleep and was too restless to read the book I brought with me, Elements of Style, by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White. In addition, I received a seat by the window of the plane, which at first I thought was very fortunate to have. However, the man sitting next to me fell asleep throughout the entire plane ride. I needed to go for a bathroom break, and I was considerate of him, waiting patiently for him to wake. I thought to myself, "I'll just let him sleep for ten more minutes, then I'll wake him up so I can get out to the aisle." However, I could not bring myself to disturb him, nor the lady next to him who was also in deep slumber. I hope next time, I get placed in an aisle seat so that I may move about as much as I please.

At long last, we arrived at O'Hare International Airport. Unfortunately, our plane was delayed for about one and a half hours because its air conditioner, apparently, was not functioning correctly. We began to fear that we would be stranded in the airport until the next day. With that thought in mind, I suddenly remembered that I had packed Colgate Wisps in my backpack, which are essentially mini travel-sized toothbrushes that are disposable. Aiyana and I decided to amuse ourselves and clean our teeth while Kye sat back and laughed at us all the while.

Finally, after a more pleasant plane ride, we stepped foot onto ATL in Georgia. It was dark out already; because of our delay, we were on the road to our hotel by 9:17 PM.

The beautiful Omni Hotel is connected to the famous CNN Center. I hope we will be able to visit the Center and tour it some day while we are in the city.

It was a long, exhausting day of traveling, and we have yet another important day tomorrow as well. We will be visiting a few local colleges right here in Georgia, which include the Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory College.

I am tired, but am awaiting a less stressful and enjoyable day ahead.

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  1. Julia,

    The way you described how you and Aiyana used your Wisps to cleanse your teeth while Kye say back laughing made it sound as though he was content to walk around with dirty teeth. Tell me I'm misinterpreting this.

    Just once I'd like to read one of our blogs from one of our cohorts passing through Chicago where the weather is okay, the planes are on time and the planes aren't about to fall apart. I'm just pleased you got to Atlanta in one piece and had a nice trip.

    In future years we'll poll our ILCers to see if they have a seat preference. Thanks for the heads up.