Saturday, July 9, 2011

Snoozing on the Road

The three of us stayed up pretty late last night since we had a nice, long dinner, and then stayed up blogging and packing. Since this was our last late night dinner, I think we’ll be getting more sleep, which is something I greatly look forward to.

We packed up the rest of our belongings and headed towards the restaurant for some breakfast before we hit the road. I had just a regular breakfast of scrambled eggs and potatoes - so no gourmet food photos for breakfast this time.

Our original plan was to drive through Memphis and sightsee before going to Nashville. However, the route to Memphis would add too many hours of traveling and wouldn’t be worth it. We decided to just drive the four and a half hours to Nashville.
The three of us all knocked out pretty quickly while Ms. Bulls drove. Since Julia and I were in the backseat, we had a bit of difficulty finding a comfortable position for the drive, but we eventually found a comfortable, but bizarre looking sleeping arrangement. By the time we woke up, we were only about 20 miles away from Nashville.
Our hotel is called the Loews Hotel. It’s right across the street from Vanderbilt. The university is fenced off, so we couldn't see into it just by driving by, but the campus looks absolutely enormous. I can’t wait to tour it tomorrow!

We ate a late lunch/dinner at the hotel restaurant called Ruth’s Chris, which is a steakhouse. Since I don’t eat steak or veal, it took me a bit of looking to decide what I wanted, which was a choice between fish and chicken. I ended up choosing the poultry dish, which was a good choice. It tasted delicious. For dessert, I ordered the cheesecake, thinking it would be a small slice of cake. Boy was I wrong. They gave me my own personal round cake of cheesecake. It was fabulous in taste, but gigantic in size after eating such a large entrĂ©e.
Afterwards, Kye, Julia, and I went to work out in the hotel’s gym in order to lose a few of the many calories we gained at dinner. I love those elliptical machines and exercise bikes, and we ended up working out for about an hour. All of the machines have a screen in front of them so you can track your progress and watch TV at the same time. I enjoyed watching old reruns of Two and a Half Men while watching my distance in miles steadily increase.

Today was mostly a relaxed and chill day before our fun and hectic day of checking in tomorrow at Vanderbilt. I am honestly extremely excited to tour the campus we will be staying at for the next three weeks. I am also eager and a bit apprehensive about meeting my new roommate. Tomorrow will be a day packed with new and exciting experiences.

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  1. Aiyana,

    Your experience at Ruth's Chris is just one of a guy's first date nightmare scenarios: you take the lady to a great steak house to impress her and she tells you she doesn't eat meat! What's a guy to do?

    Hope you found something other than the cheesecake to satisfy you.

    Oh me, oh my! We schedule a road trip so you can see America and two of you snooze your way from Point A to Point B. Had we known that we could have just boxed you up and FedExed you to Nashville. :-)

    Glad you got some much needed sleep, though.

    We're learning from almost every cohort group that we need to emphasize time management. Too many of our ILCers are hard at it all day and half the night and they're not getting the sleep they need. They're either missing out on events or even classwork because they're sleeping in, oversleeping or too tired to take it all in.

    I'm not sure I'd be any different if I were any of you, though. But being the adult in the crowd I need to be more responsible about forcing you all to get your sleep. Now I just have to figure out how to do that.