Saturday, July 23, 2011

Roller Skating, Laser Tag, and Bumper Cars, OH MY!

Today was a long, but exciting day. It all started at the too-early-of-an-hour-for-a-Saturday-morning at 7:15. The plan was to wake up early, take a shower, get breakfast at the dorms, and then do some research for Scientology because Julia and I thought we had to have something ready for today. The first two plans were carried out well. I recall that last Saturday, I slept in too late to get any breakfast. Now that I was early, I realized I didn’t miss out on much. I ended up just getting some bread and orange juice. Before starting our research, I asked Grace, who’s in my class, if we needed to have our research done. Thankfully, she told us no, and Julia and I were free for the rest of the morning.

For class we watched Gandhi the biographical film from the 80s on Mohandas Gandhi. I thought I knew the Gandhi’s story pretty well, but it turns out I actually knew nothing about him. I learned that he was a lawyer and he led a revolution in South Africa. I was also amazed at the number of times he was thrown in jail. But the hardest part to watch was the massacres of over a hundred innocent Indians when a British officer ordered an attack on a non-violent demonstration. Yes, I know it’s a movie, but it’s based on a true story, and I can’t handle violent shooting movies very well. We’re going to finish the movie on Monday.

We had lunch at the Rand, on the far side of campus, like every weekend. Afterwards, Julia, Kye and I went shopping for Vanderbilt memorabilia. I bought a super cute grey hoodie that I am in love with, a yellow commodores t-shirt, and another hat to add my collection at home. For the next hour, I kept smiling at the items I bought, since buying perfect things makes me extremely ecstatic.

For the rest of our free time Julia and I chilled out in my room. At 5:30 we headed down to the buses to go to the local arcade!! It was a bit run down, and had some creepy clown paintings and gorillas, but regardless, we all had a blast. Our proctor group split up and played bowling in teams. I am absolutely atrocious at bowling, I still love to play it for some strange reason. I ended up placing fifth out of sixth, but who’s counting?

Julia forced me to go roller skating in the rink with her. After coming close to death many times, we had pizza in the parlor. A large group of us then went to play laser tag. I’m not good at that either. I think if I was in a war, I wouldn’t last more than 3 seconds, because that’s how long it took me to get shot, and continuously shot afterwards. Bumper cars were next, and we had a blast running into each other. I played Julia in ice hockey, which is one of the few arcade games I’m actually good at. It was an intense game, but I finally won.

I love that VSA keeps our summer program fun and active. There are always activities and outings! Today was one of the best days of my summer so far. Tomorrow Julia, Kye, and I are going to have breakfast with Ms. Bulls and a college admissions officer, and then Julia and I are going to the Parthenon!

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