Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Preparing for Adventure: On the Eve of Exploration

I simply can’t wait for our departure to the South. There are so many different emotions running through my mind. I wonder if this is how the great explorers, adventurers, and conquerors of old felt the day before a trip. Did they have the same feeling of confidence that I have seeing that they would represent their communities? At the same time do they share with me the feeling of humility in taking on such a task? Were they too anxious to sleep that night? Were they as curious as I am to learn about their destination? Who they might meet, what wonders they may see, or even what dangers may await them? Were they thinking about practicalities and being comfortable, or going forth, headstrong, to complete their mission, gather information, and bring their findings back to their community?

Even though these men and women are long gone, I can learn from their accomplishments because in this moment I am like them. We share a connection in the fact we must venture into the unknown; yet no matter how mesmerizing the experience may be we have to focus on our mission. Going out to the world, in this case Vanderbilt University, and introducing them to our school, our district, and our community, while at the same I must absorb the Vanderbilt Environment and project the image back to my community so that we can all grow in knowledge. It is a large task, but far from impossible, especially because I have a great team to work with in my cohorts: Julia and Aiyana.

No matter how anxious I may be for the trip, no successful voyage can begin without a good amount of rest. With that said I shall begin my adventure now with a decent amount of sleep, and a wake up scheduled for 4:30 AM.

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  1. Kye,

    Sn of a gun, Kye, you almost got me to worrying about your safety heading off on this adventure to uncharted lands. It may be just Atlanta and Nashville but I think they've pretty much tamed them already.

    Nonetheless, I hear what you're saying and I'm excited for you. You get to see and do things that people like me will never be able to enjoy.

    And for that reason we're going to look forward to reading what you have to write and thumbing through your photos (lots of photos).