Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Last Chapter

The inviting smell of spices drifted through the room as our tour guide explained to us the principles and beliefs of Hinduism. We were visiting the Sri Ganesha Temple, having the opportunity to view the beautiful statues of the many deities worshipped in the faith.

It was our last field trip—coincidentally scheduled on our last day here at Vanderbilt.

The closing ceremony recapped our experiences and knowledge gained during our time at VSA, acknowledging our growth from earlier this month to the present day. Superlative awards were also passed out to students; I received a “Most Likely To Be Giggling At Any Time” award from my wonderfully loving proctor, Malika.

To wrap up the night, as well as our time at this Ivy League of the South, a Hollywood dance

was held in the Rotunda, where we had fun and savored every last moment we had with our new friends.

We decided to have a sleepover in the Common Room since tonight is our last. The girls were troopers, pulling and lifting mattresses as well as mountains of pillows to the Room.

We are to wake up fairly early tomorrow morning to return to Atlanta, and then, finally, our last stop: home.

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