Sunday, July 17, 2011

The ILC’s Maiden Voyage to Vanderbilt: A New Reality

I was overjoyed to eat breakfast with Ms. Kronenberg and Ms. Bulls today at the Pancake Pantry. It was encouraging to see face from home again; especially with my mother demanding I call her and her standing threat to cut me off if she doesn't hear from me tonight. As Julia, Aiyana and I were debriefed about our classes and our experiences, it brought me back to my reality in a sense that I wasn't at VSA forever, I was going home. I had another year of high school to finish, another season to play, more tests to take, and more Speech and Debate tournaments to attend among other things. As the conversation shifted to discussing personal statements to colleges, I was also moved by the fact that I didn't have that much time left before I’d be sending my admissions packet to a school like Vanderbilt.

I pondered these thoughts as we visited Opryland home of the Grand Ole Opry house, even dreamed about them on the way to the humble abode of Andrew “Old Hickory” Jackson called the Hermitage. Named as a place far away from the land of hardship, turmoil, and politics in which Jackson worked. My thoughts about the uncertain future followed me even there, in and out of the museum on and off the Mansion’s property.

After we returned to school, we enjoyed a break by participating in our campus carnival. There was Popcorn, water guns, shaved ice, various games, and even a dunk tank where students can send their proctors for a plunge.

I returned to my hall to collect my laundry. I almost felt like saying a small prayer before visiting the hectic washroom, with all the students racing for washers and dryers. I was surprised, after hearing stories of kids waiting for hours, I only waited about 20 minutes in total for both a washer and dryer. I had a smile on my face and a sense of pride in my step as a gathered my laundry because no matter where I went to school I knew now at least I could handle my laundry.

We then prepared for our dinner with the Dean of Residence where we’d meet some Vanderbilt admissions counselors. I say some not all because I missed the original meeting with the counselors due to the untimely occurrence of my injury. Anyway my initial impression of Mr. John Nesbitt was that he was a cool guy. He wore wayfarers, a colored shirt, pleated shorts, and nice shoes. He greeted me so warmly that I was amazed. It was very easy to talk with him, because he was interested in our district, our school, and most interesting of all me. I immediately returned to the thoughts about my mental college clock, but with new perspective. No matter how much time was left on that clock, I’d still have people to help me with whatever needed fine tuning. I now feel very reassured about my college plans especially at Vanderbilt.

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