Thursday, July 21, 2011

The ILC’s Maiden Voyage to Vanderbilt: A day for an excursion

World Religions at the Vanderbilt Summer Academy is a wonderful experience because it exposes you to so many different perspectives and views. Today was my first time visiting a synagogue and I was excited to hear that I would also be able to wear a Yamalka, or Jewish head covering. We visited Sherith Israel, a synagogue serving the Hillsboro Village area in Nashville, Tennessee where the Canter, Mr. Leberman, let us on a tour through his place of worship.

I felt the trip was special to me because I’m a Christian and I was able to see the original people of God in their house of Worship. I learned about their customs and how their church services are run. I also learned about the Jewish feelings on salvation and Jesus. They feel as though Jesus was human therefore he couldn’t be God and that if we are good people, after our deaths we will return to the Garden of Eden where there are 7 houses waiting for us. We toured the chapels, the mikvah(place for ritual washing) , the auditorium, and we passed by the Rabbi’s office which I failed to take a picture of. Tomorrow we will visit a controversial Islamic prayer center in Murfreesboro, Tennessee which has received lots of attention in the news.

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