Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Beginning

Today, I began the day refreshed and energized after a pleasant night’s sleep.

We decided to have breakfast at IHOP, which was conveniently located near a Wal-Mart. After we finished eating, we made a stop at the store to pick up a few items that we needed, including pillows, alarm clocks, and some snacks, which really came in handy later on in the day.
Check-in at Vanderbilt’s Hank Ingram House was relatively fast, along with moving our things into our dorms.
Carrying plastic Wal-Mart bags after bags into our dorms was hilarious. Eventually, I was all settled in and met with our proctor group to begin a short tour of the university.

Vanderbilt surprisingly has a large number of hospitals and medical centers on campus—it’s not a surprise though, since their medical program is very prestigious.

After the tour, we gathered for dinner in one of the dining halls and enjoyed a dinner of spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread. I also tried a cherry-flavored snow cone. Later, all the proctor groups gathered in a small theater and the Opening Ceremony began. The proctors put on a few funny skits to remind us of the strict VSA rules.

Afterwards, our Activities Coordinator set up a game for us at the large green field outside the hall. Our house, the V-House, won with the most points, which was very exciting.

We had a proctor meeting in our proctor’s room and further discussed the regulations of the program.

After a quick shower (showering in flip-flops is rather strange to me), it was past 10:30 PM, and now I am stuck in my room until morning. I ate some crackers I got from Wal-Mart, hungry since I did not finish all of my dinner.

I hope tomorrow will be fun, and am excited for breakfast.

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  1. Julia,

    I’m still trying to figure this out: I offer all of you alarm clocks from Don’s Bazaar Table yet you travel half way across the country to buy alarm clocks at the local WalMart? You didn’t like my alarm clocks? I’m offended and hurt all at the same time. ☹

    I’m anxious to read about your program. I appreciate the photos of your room but you need to tell us more. Are you rooming by yourself or do you have roomies? How was the pasta? Does the room have AC? Wi-Fi?

    Tell us everything, Julia.