Monday, May 23, 2011

Preparing for Adventure: Introduction to the Ivy League Connection Class of 2011

As a class of Ivy League Connection scholars, I believe we, as a group showed our brilliance tonight. First impressions are everything I hear, and we made one that will go down in history, as the best Ivy League Connection class to date.

The Yalies, with their extremely challenging course, tonight looked ready to face any obstacle as they were introduced. The Brownies with their sheer man and woman power intimidated the room with their radiant smiles and confident stances. The Vandies, though small in size, but big in heart, stood up ready to face the horizons of an unexplored program as ambassadors of the ILC. The Columbians and Cornellians arose and took their stand practically inspiring everyone on the round table of School Board members that there will be leadership when they have passed on.

That is the message we sent to not only the Board members, but our sponsors and supporters, our chaperones, our administrators, even our parents, we are ready and willing to step out into the world to make change for the better. Within our group, dwell the lawyers, doctors, professors, hotel managers, politicians, moms, dads, and 3 future presidents of the future. I feel this program and group are special—all  we have to do is believe, taking every opportunity that comes our way.
During the intermission after our group picture, I noticed how as a group we all migrated to the mingling adults with jobs varying from coaching to architecture, with a mix of a few Vice Presidents and Board Members, but we moved to chat with them to acquire the secrets that they had obtained about life, which in turn would make our lives more convenient.
Our precocious hunger for knowledge is amazing, and since knowledge is power, that speaks volumes to how far we will go. There are truly no limits for any of us, whether a Yalie, or Cornellian, even a Vandy. So in the words of Matisyahu, (Chasidic reggae artist) let us smash the lies of those saying we can’t, and awake our dreams to make them reality, and as the Ivy League Connection class of 2011 we will truly be successful.

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  1. Kye,

    I enjoy these times when our ILC cohorts are presented to our community through the School Board. It helps showcase to our community that our young people aren’t all like those we see on the 6 o’clock news or hanging out in front of the liquor stores day and night.

    What we’re able to show our community is that we have vibrant, bright and energized young adults ready to step in and raise our community to a higher level.

    You all did yourselves proud at this gathering. Speaking for Mr. Ramsey and Ms. Kronenberg I can assure you that we were all proud and the entire School Board, staff and audience shared in this.